FOR SALE: Very neat & accident-free 1960 Bristol FS double decker converted motorhome bus. Complete reconditioned mechanics. Very beautiful, generous & solid finishing.
1960 vintage Bristol FS open top motorhome RV
classic double decker heritage red London bus

For Sale by Owner
Very neat and accident-free 1960 Bristol FS non-smokers motor home with
solar-power, perfect for 3-4 people. Convertion to motor home 1991-1996.
Complete reconditioned mechanics. Very beautiful, generous & solid finishing.
Registration Date 28.07.1960
Chassis No. FS 155090
Engine Gardner No. 208605
6 Cyl. In-line engine
5 gear transmission
10'450 cc
Top Speed
55 mph 88 km/h   
15 mpg 19 l/100km
empty weight
maximum weight
20000 lbs 8900 kg
29000 lbs 13200 kg
Overall length
Overall width
Overall height
29' 3" 890 cm
 8' 1" 245 cm
12' 6" 380 cm
  • Gas stove with oven
  • 3-way fridge (12V, 230V, Gas)
  • Gas heating TRUMATIC
  • Thetford Cassette toilet
  • Shower
  • Patio 5sqm
  • Pneumatic elevating roof
  • 1 bicycle rack for 2 bikes
  • 1 bicycle rack for 4 bikes
  • Fresh water tank
    60 gal (280 liter)
  • Waste water tank
    40 gal (170 liter)
The vehicle has been inspected by the
appropriate board every two years.

All services have been regularly

Owned and sold privately.

Sold as is; no warranties, returns not
accepted. Buyer acknowledges slight
signs of wear and tear.

Correspondence in English or German
Original Bus
Old Photographs of what the Bus used to look like when it was
in operation in Brighton & Hove's 22nd District from 1960-1990.
Click on the images to view them in full size.

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